Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today we celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Oh, Tequila how I love your warm embrace.   You ignite my nights and make me dizzy with glee.  You provide clarity to my thoughts and a channel to my soul.  With you I feel so mighty and strong.  Together we can conquer all.
I like how you catch me off guard, like a cat playing with yarn.  You are unknowing and mischievous;  I never know when you will catch me and toss me to the ground.   I like how you invade my mind and spirit.  I can sense your arrival; it’s hot and breathless.  Oh, Tequila, I think we can be friends forever.  With you by my side, stick and stones may break my bones, but I’ll never feel it.

Monday, May 2, 2011


We all feel it.  Some days it's stronger and other days, less so.  It's so common that Billy Joel even wrote a song about it.  But that was back in 1982.  Guess the pressure is off him now.  I read somewhere that the reason great artists are usually young is because they have something to prove, and they are competing for affection out in the marketplace. Once they get a ring on their finger, or at least wear themselves out, they settle down and whither away.  That's not to say that Mick and Ozzy won't tour anymore, but when's the last time either of those guys had a hit?
But for me, I don't have fame and fortune; time has passed me by.  I've recently come to the conclusion that I did not dream big enough.   I remember one bright, sunny, summer afternoon, I was sitting on the pool deck by myself.   My dad had just gotten home from work and he strolled over to me.  He looked at me and told me to enjoy life because it goes by fast.  And as he walked away, I knew at that moment that I wanted to be a dad when I grew up, just so I could give advice.  So that was my dream.  And when Sheena Easton sang about her guy taking the morning train, I figured I could be that guy, so I added that.   So here I am just like the Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime" song wondering how I got here and where do I go at the end of the dream.  Some people might consider a future without a path a pressure situation.
But my reason for writing a blog tonight is someone asked me to do it.  I've always been one of those people that derive my happiness from the happiness of others, so if doing this will make someone happy, then there's no pressure at all.  In fact, maybe this is a start of a new dream.  Guess I'll have to sleep on it.